Sunday, July 5, 2015

Do you see a Leader in you?

Feeling like middle income class at work? How often have you heard the phrase manage up? 

I've gone to several communication classes and I hear speakers say, you don't want to manage up and others that say the opposite.  I say MANAGE UP! 

Did you know that even if you are not in management you can be an effective leader? Did you know that your suggestions and work ethic do make a difference.  Even when you have an ineffective leader taking ownership of your current role makes you a leader.  

Leaders are many, those that set the tone for the office or even department.  Leaders are people like YOU that go to work every day on time and ready to work. You think others don't see you but they do.  It's being an effective communicator, valuing your position and knowing that everything you do does make a difference. 

Feeling like moving on to another company because your manager sucks or your not happy at work? How about gaining some courage and defining your own role.  Summarize your own duties and look at your current job description, how off are they? Probably a lot. Take charge, write it up and go have a meeting with your manager and ask them to review your work.  Don't be afraid to ask for a challenge with the intent to be promoted or given a challenge.  Even if you don't stay you can take with you KNOWLEDGE.  

Here's an excellent book on LEADERSHIP.