Thursday, January 17, 2013

Juice and more Juice

My dad says I get easily inspired and excited about new fads and then I put them off to the side. Buy years ago I said to my husband, "I'm tired of being fat." He looked at me and quickly said we can do it. So when my dad said that to me recently about me doing a juice detox my husband was there right next to me doing it too.

Why a juice detox...why not? Two years ago, before I knew my gallbladder was bad, I changed the way I ate and started walking. I lost over 30lbs. Then I detoxed by going vegetarian for 30 days. Not only was I more focused, more energized but also more determined.

So now in my first five days of juicing I have lost 7lbs. The best part is I see the results. My colon is being cleansed naturally...meaning these juices have fiber so you dont get the runs. Hehehe

My husband says I'm snoring less. I also see that my skin is not as dry. I can wait to see what I look like in three weeks. Im going to try the full thirty days.

To get must educate yourself first. Watch Fat Sick and Nearly Dead and then watch Vegucate. How you eat and grocery shop will make you a more informed shopper.

Eat well be well and live long.

Happy Juicing!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

I'm addicted to Netflix

I know I vowed not to ever go shopping Black Friday and I know this post is super late but I had to tell you about my new found love for Netflix and how it came about. I decided to buy my husband the Blu-ray he so much wanted. I bought the Samsung Blu-ray with built in WIFI. It was the best investment I ever made until I signed up for Netflix and discovered I can watch any show any time anywhere. Literally anywhere, on my Samsung Galaxy 3, on the IPAD, on the Tablets, at my dad's, you get the picture.

So anyhow, the Blu-Ray is easy to install, easy to use and easy to move around. Just remember that once you move it from one location to another you basically are resetting the settings so you have to reset the WIFI connection by reentering the password. My only complaint is that either my WIFI signal is not strong enough for the receiver in the Blu-ray or its not receiving my signal well. I'm convinced it's my WIFI signal, so I suggest to make sure to have the Blu-ray in an area where your WIFI will be its strongest. Otherwise, do what we are doing, we are moving our WIFI router in a more centralized location in the house. I might also invest in a WIFI booster to make our signal stronger just so we don't have any more buffering issues when watching Netflix shows.

Back to Netflix. Aside from being addicted, I find the convenience of watching Series on here to be ADDICTIVE because when one episode ends it moves on to the next episode and then you're hooked! Like me. What I love most about Netflix is that you can set it up so when you log in you go into regular Netflix where you see everything and then the option to log into Netflix for kids. So if you have children, like I do, they know to only click on Netflix for kids and they only see options for kids. Netflix also allows you to customize what you want to see when you log in and even gives you suggestions based on what you've seen. I love you see my dilema. I've watched more TV in 30 days that I have every watched in my whole life. Should I seek help? lol No, I don't think so, what I also find is that I can search for movies from the 80's and even farther back. So just yesterday I watched Jumanji with my daughter. They don't make movies like that anymore!

I want to be a kid again. Happy Netflix!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Samsung Tab2 8G

By far the best investment I have made in years.  My husband and I couldn't figure out what to get the girls because they are so tech savvy and it dawned on us that for the price of this tablet we can basically get them more than we could imagine.

For my 8 year old, she's setup on a Kindle account and knows how to download free books.  She understands how to use the Android Market she downloads a lot of free games such as Angry Birds, Fruit Slices and many more.

The most amazing part is that so many parents are complaining their children are attached to their tablets and won't let go of them. We give our girls guidelines.  They respect them and have shown to be responsible.

I love that they can access anything from a book to a game all in one tablet. The setup is easy and even I have fun with it ocassionaly.  I download Pinterest on my daughter's tablet. :)

Cooking in 1 2 3

For Christmas Santa was extra nice to me (My Dad...hehehe)

He bought me this Black & Decker 8 cup food processor. It has been fantastic. I have cut my cooking to less than half the time.  I now make by sofrito in this processor.  Can you believe that for the last 10 years I have manually been making my sofrito. Yes, meaning I have spent hours in the am chopping up all my ingredients, blending and then freezing. What was I thinking!

The nice thing about this processor is that it has a lock in security and aside from also mixing things for me it has the blade with four settings for slicing and shredding.

For the price you can't go wrong.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Year-Restart or Renew?

I recently heard my daughter tell me, as she often does, "mom tomorrow is a new day and we get to start all over again."

I love the sincerity of a child's mind.  She speaks the truth because we have the opportunity to wake up everyday and make a choice to live a better life.  So many people walk around in a rush, angry, think too much and people just need to SLOW down.

This past Sunday at mass Father said, we have to believe that we are right where GOD wants us to me.  We have to be willing to listen and sit still long enough, to hear his grace. It's true, at least for me I feel that when I'm at peace and one with myself things go smoother in my life.

Last night I was reminded of just that, as my little one was lying sick in my bed she was whiny.  I embraced her and rubbed her back, comforting her. My husband was a little more abrupt and tired, not understanding why she was so whiny if we had given her everything.

I looked at him and realized he was frustrated because he felt helpless.  I looked at him calmly and told him that all she wanted was for him to embrace her and comfort her and speak to her softly.  He looked down at her with that soft look he has and embraced her. It was a beautiful sight.

It was then that I realized that it's not always about making people see things your way but to learn together, grow together and teach a better way of living life. So everyday make an effort to renew your look at life.  Everyday is a restart, make it count.