Thursday, January 10, 2013

I'm addicted to Netflix

I know I vowed not to ever go shopping Black Friday and I know this post is super late but I had to tell you about my new found love for Netflix and how it came about. I decided to buy my husband the Blu-ray he so much wanted. I bought the Samsung Blu-ray with built in WIFI. It was the best investment I ever made until I signed up for Netflix and discovered I can watch any show any time anywhere. Literally anywhere, on my Samsung Galaxy 3, on the IPAD, on the Tablets, at my dad's, you get the picture.

So anyhow, the Blu-Ray is easy to install, easy to use and easy to move around. Just remember that once you move it from one location to another you basically are resetting the settings so you have to reset the WIFI connection by reentering the password. My only complaint is that either my WIFI signal is not strong enough for the receiver in the Blu-ray or its not receiving my signal well. I'm convinced it's my WIFI signal, so I suggest to make sure to have the Blu-ray in an area where your WIFI will be its strongest. Otherwise, do what we are doing, we are moving our WIFI router in a more centralized location in the house. I might also invest in a WIFI booster to make our signal stronger just so we don't have any more buffering issues when watching Netflix shows.

Back to Netflix. Aside from being addicted, I find the convenience of watching Series on here to be ADDICTIVE because when one episode ends it moves on to the next episode and then you're hooked! Like me. What I love most about Netflix is that you can set it up so when you log in you go into regular Netflix where you see everything and then the option to log into Netflix for kids. So if you have children, like I do, they know to only click on Netflix for kids and they only see options for kids. Netflix also allows you to customize what you want to see when you log in and even gives you suggestions based on what you've seen. I love you see my dilema. I've watched more TV in 30 days that I have every watched in my whole life. Should I seek help? lol No, I don't think so, what I also find is that I can search for movies from the 80's and even farther back. So just yesterday I watched Jumanji with my daughter. They don't make movies like that anymore!

I want to be a kid again. Happy Netflix!