Thursday, January 17, 2013

Juice and more Juice

My dad says I get easily inspired and excited about new fads and then I put them off to the side. Buy years ago I said to my husband, "I'm tired of being fat." He looked at me and quickly said we can do it. So when my dad said that to me recently about me doing a juice detox my husband was there right next to me doing it too.

Why a juice detox...why not? Two years ago, before I knew my gallbladder was bad, I changed the way I ate and started walking. I lost over 30lbs. Then I detoxed by going vegetarian for 30 days. Not only was I more focused, more energized but also more determined.

So now in my first five days of juicing I have lost 7lbs. The best part is I see the results. My colon is being cleansed naturally...meaning these juices have fiber so you dont get the runs. Hehehe

My husband says I'm snoring less. I also see that my skin is not as dry. I can wait to see what I look like in three weeks. Im going to try the full thirty days.

To get must educate yourself first. Watch Fat Sick and Nearly Dead and then watch Vegucate. How you eat and grocery shop will make you a more informed shopper.

Eat well be well and live long.

Happy Juicing!