Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Samsung Tab2 8G

By far the best investment I have made in years.  My husband and I couldn't figure out what to get the girls because they are so tech savvy and it dawned on us that for the price of this tablet we can basically get them more than we could imagine.

For my 8 year old, she's setup on a Kindle account and knows how to download free books.  She understands how to use the Android Market she downloads a lot of free games such as Angry Birds, Fruit Slices and many more.

The most amazing part is that so many parents are complaining their children are attached to their tablets and won't let go of them. We give our girls guidelines.  They respect them and have shown to be responsible.

I love that they can access anything from a book to a game all in one tablet. The setup is easy and even I have fun with it ocassionaly.  I download Pinterest on my daughter's tablet. :)