Friday, May 21, 2010

Waiting....waiting....and more waiting

Why do we constantly wait to make things happen for ourselves? I watch myself wait to see others succeed and by then it's too late for me. I've seen myself try new things all the time and I get so excited about them and then boom....I hit rock bottom. I loose interest in things so quickly when they don't work out the way I want them.

I find myself good at so many things, okay, I know that sounds a little self centered but it's true, if you give me the right tools I can do anything. But then there are those things that I am good at that I struggle with sometimes becuase others can't be happy for my own success. I'm talking about thos negative people that make us doubt ourselves and make us WAIT. There is that word again.

I'm successful in life because I've learned to not wait. I've learned to stop listening to all those negative people that question my ability to succeed or don't understand what I do with my life. Especially those that constantly want to think they are living their best life forward but have to constantly remind you of your mistakes from five years ago. Why? Why do we have to wait in our pitty puddles from five years ago until we can step out and stand up tall.

So I'm going to stop waiting for things to happen because I have to make things happen now. No one else can do that for me. I'm going to make things happen for myself, I am the keeper of my own destiny.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Letters to Juliet

I went to see Letters to Juliet last night with my 13 year old daughter and I felt like I was a young 15 year old all over again. I felt butterflies in my stomach, that nervousness when you saw your first crush and that hope that your crush would rescue you on a white horse.

The movie talked about WHAT IF, what if I never took that risk to tell someone I loved them? What if I wasn't a good daughter? What if I was cold and distance from my husband? And the movie made me think of my grandfather and cousin that passed away a little bit over a year ago.

I don't have any What ifs in my life because I have always tried living my best life forward. I didn't get to talk to my grandfather and cousin often but when I did I always told them how much I missed them, how much I remember our summers as kids and how much I loved them. I don't have any What Ifs with the people in my life because I know that I cannot change people. I can only live the best life that I can and hope that as I continue to grow as a person people will see that and want to change too.

Seize the moment and address the what ifs in your life. Make things right starting now and live your best life forward.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Is it Ignorance?

Wikipedia says that Ignorance is where someone or something is uninformed. This should not be confused with being unintelligent, as one's level of intelligence and level of education or general awareness are not the same.

I use the word ignorance sometimes and it never dawned on me how many people really don't know what it means or people are offended because they feel its a strong word. I never used the word to reflect the lack of intelligence or education but merely that in the heat of the moment, ignorance is the lack of awareness of your surroundings. It's even the lack of awareness of what you say or do to hurt others.

If you know me I'm passionate about family and friendship. I didn't have the most conventional life growing up, I was sheltered from a lot of family members in my life. My parents never made the effort to really form a bond with others for reasons unknown to me, even to today.

The one thing I decided long ago was that I would never shelter my children from being surrounded from family members. I vowed that we wouldn't be ignorant as my parents were when they didn't offer to open the door to a last minute visitor from family. That my kids wouldn't see their parents be ignorant when someone asked to come over and just hang out. Or just be ignorant when it came to their own selfish reasons.

In life we cannot be ignorant. We have to be aware of our surroundings and always know what we can do to live right by ourselves and those that look up to us. So I challenge you to take the blinders off, be open minded, be FLEXIBLE, be aware, be positive, be an example, be aware of your surroundings and rid Ignorance from your life.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Winning doesn't mean you really won

I had the privilege of watching my daughter's volleyball game last night and tonight. Sports just are not what they use to be in my time. I think I was much wiser beyond my years back in the 90's. I was in awe at how mature children are, how they motivate each other, how they really bond for a common cause and how they have the spirit to win.

Today my daughter's team lost, but they came in third. They were so proud of their win, so proud of their final game and they had such a spark in their eyes. One of the opponents coach had such a sour attitude when our team started to really push. He started trying to call everything my daughter's team did and even though they won on a technicality we still won.

Sometimes winning emotionally is a far greater win than winning something materialistic. The girls knew they had worked hard as a team and had done right by each other, so winning 3rd place was just like winning 1st.

I felt sorry for the opposing coach because he didn't have that spark in his eye, he seem to have more of a chip on their shoulder and the things that some of those parents were saying. It's amazing how judgmental parents can be and not even know they are corrupting their own children.

I took it upon myself to address the coach after the game and tell him that his conduct was borderline misconduct and he should be embarrassed. I also told him that he should watch his attitude and body language because he shouldn't do anything that he doesn't want on the 10 o'clock news.

So the morale of my blog today, do right by others and you'll always come out winning, even if it isn't a gold medal.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

May 13, 2010

Today I decided to start a blog to help others that are going through a rough time, either it be physical, emotional or maybe just need a pat on the back. I keep running all sorts of business ideas in my head, how can I win the lottery or how can I even just get things moving in the right direction. What I didn't realize was that I have everything I need right in front of me. I'm not taking things for granted, I just stopped living my best life right now because I felt the urge to want more. Face it, I got greedy with my life.

So my first piece of advice, evaluate your life right now. Let's do some spring cleaning of all our emotional baggage. Make a checklist of all the things that are going on in your life right now, what do we need, what don't we need and what can we do less with.

The need to want more than what we have can be self destructive. Maybe you want that 40 thousand dollar car but you have responsibilities that your trying to ignore. Well buy yourself that four door sedan that cost less so you can get your life organized. Swallow your pride and do what's RIGHT! Be responsible and start moving in the right direction.

We're taught that without money we have no future. In reality we don't have a future if we don't get an education or take initiative to pursue what makes us happy. The reward will come to us if we take baby steps, nothing happens overnight.

What will you do to turn a new leaf starting today?