Friday, May 21, 2010

Waiting....waiting....and more waiting

Why do we constantly wait to make things happen for ourselves? I watch myself wait to see others succeed and by then it's too late for me. I've seen myself try new things all the time and I get so excited about them and then boom....I hit rock bottom. I loose interest in things so quickly when they don't work out the way I want them.

I find myself good at so many things, okay, I know that sounds a little self centered but it's true, if you give me the right tools I can do anything. But then there are those things that I am good at that I struggle with sometimes becuase others can't be happy for my own success. I'm talking about thos negative people that make us doubt ourselves and make us WAIT. There is that word again.

I'm successful in life because I've learned to not wait. I've learned to stop listening to all those negative people that question my ability to succeed or don't understand what I do with my life. Especially those that constantly want to think they are living their best life forward but have to constantly remind you of your mistakes from five years ago. Why? Why do we have to wait in our pitty puddles from five years ago until we can step out and stand up tall.

So I'm going to stop waiting for things to happen because I have to make things happen now. No one else can do that for me. I'm going to make things happen for myself, I am the keeper of my own destiny.