Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hello World

Late March I started going to kickboxing. That was right after doing a month of P90X.  Now look at me and I'm still juicing and eating much healthier meals. My goal is to loose another 20lbs or one dress size in the next five weeks.
My doctor advised me not to weigh myself anymore because she sees I'm on the right path. She encouraged me to measure myself because tje weight will come off naturally.
I'm even more motivated to keep going now that my doctor says I'm doing all the right things. I have to only reduce my fiber intake because I'm retaining too much water.
Even if your not over weight you should still not neglect your body. Treat it right. Be healthy my friends.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Your Health

You are the most important person to yourself.  Honor your body by doing things to prevent illness. Visit your doctor once a year to talk about your pains or health in general.  No more can we use the excuse we don't have the copay.

We need to be proactive. My family depends on me but most importantly others do as well. I want to be the example not the exception.

Women go see your doctor and men you too.

Monday, May 20, 2013


Mondays are a reminder of how much I love my family and wished we had a three day weekend every week.

I'm so grateful for having found my passion for exercising again. I really feel like I was missing out on so many things with my kids.

I had such a lack of motivation for so many years all I wanted to do was sit around and do nothing all day long.

We have to make a decision to live our lives as God intended.  Dont do what I did by wasting your time lying around doing anything. 

Take babysteps no one is asking you run a marathon.  Start by gardening, walking outside or even bike riding.  Whatever it is just do it.

The journey is yours alone to take.

Happy Monday!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

No longer a YO YO

I decided last night that I'm going to put myself out there for all to see.  If you've been reading my post you know that January 2013 was my year for transformation.  I really feel like I'm an active member of my life and family now. There is nothing more to say than to show you. I'm no longer a YO YO! Will you join me?

I have a until June 14th to reach my Goal. I will achieve it!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Working It and Working It

Its been a long day long month and long year already.  I have beat all the odds of weight lost and have inspired my friends, family and entire company to jump onboard. Since January I embarked on a juicing cleanse and have made it part of my daily routine. 

Everything was truly in moderation.  In 2009 I was beyond unhappy with myself I'm looking for that horrible picture to show you all. I had to change how I ate because I didnt have the courage to exercise. 

Since 2009 to 2011 I lost over 33 lbs and lost five sizes, just from changing how I ate. Then in late fall 2011 I had my gall bladder removed. I had several gallbladder attacks thru the summer and didnt know why. After my surgery I lost 15lbs more. As the doctor explained my body was losing fat so fast it couldn't keep up. So when your losing weight always consult with a doctor.

Now juicing,  it truly has helped me focus, be more alert, more energized, and I get more sleep. Now that everything is in line, I work out almost five days a week and three of those days is kickboxing class.

I've now added body wraps to my regimen to help me loosen some of that stubborn toxins in my abs. Since last week I've lost 11 inches in my body.

People be inspired.  I'm reminded today, after the loss of my employee,  due to cancer, how important it is to heal ourselves from the inside out.

Look at your life and say to yourself,  "I will live a long and healthy life."