Friday, May 14, 2010

Winning doesn't mean you really won

I had the privilege of watching my daughter's volleyball game last night and tonight. Sports just are not what they use to be in my time. I think I was much wiser beyond my years back in the 90's. I was in awe at how mature children are, how they motivate each other, how they really bond for a common cause and how they have the spirit to win.

Today my daughter's team lost, but they came in third. They were so proud of their win, so proud of their final game and they had such a spark in their eyes. One of the opponents coach had such a sour attitude when our team started to really push. He started trying to call everything my daughter's team did and even though they won on a technicality we still won.

Sometimes winning emotionally is a far greater win than winning something materialistic. The girls knew they had worked hard as a team and had done right by each other, so winning 3rd place was just like winning 1st.

I felt sorry for the opposing coach because he didn't have that spark in his eye, he seem to have more of a chip on their shoulder and the things that some of those parents were saying. It's amazing how judgmental parents can be and not even know they are corrupting their own children.

I took it upon myself to address the coach after the game and tell him that his conduct was borderline misconduct and he should be embarrassed. I also told him that he should watch his attitude and body language because he shouldn't do anything that he doesn't want on the 10 o'clock news.

So the morale of my blog today, do right by others and you'll always come out winning, even if it isn't a gold medal.