Thursday, September 2, 2010

As History Repeats Itself

Do you think it's possible for your kids life to play out just just like it did for you? It's odd, I see so many of my personality traits in my children without having imposed any on them. Its just their nature to be who they are. I've done some corky things as a child, like cutting my hair, dying my clothes and even cutting my finger on the gears of a bike, don't ask!

I feel more prepared to be a mother now because of everything I've experienced in life. I'm able to anticipate and help my children be better friends because of what I've experience.

So as history repeats itself before your eyes, listen....listen to what your children are saying and pay attention to the signs around you. Help your kids make the right decisions for them, not you.

I'm wiser because of what my children have taught me.