Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Vegan Weeek

So today I embark on a much needed journey for a healthier week. Thanks to Lizette Reyes, I'm inspired to try to go vegan for just one week. Just thinking about it stresses me out. I first didn't realize the different types of vegans there are out there. A vegan that does no dairy, a select vegan that does only fish, a raw vegan that does uncooked meals and so forth.

I didn't realize I would annoy myself hearing myself whine about everything in my fridge that is not vegan friendly. It appears that not even the olive oil mayo in my fridge is vegan.

So this morning I tossed backed in forth what to eat for breakfast, so I figured I had artificial milk powder for my coffee, check, organic pound cake, not so check, until I realized it's made with eggs and butter too. :(

For lunch, fruit, pasta and oh yeah yogurt...put then I'm thinking, isn't pasta made with eggs and yogurt with milk. I can't seem to win either way. I'll have see what I can do to get past this hurdle but I'm determined to try to go vegan. :)