Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Social Media Parties

Saw this great posting, I had to post here.

It can be a challenge sometimes to find a hostess for a party on occasion. Especially for those in a small town who may not be able to travel around a lot to the next county or city. It seems like some might know more people on Facebook or Twitter than they do in their own towns. Some may be able to meet people online who will host a party but here’s a different idea.

I have heard LOTS of people, when asked if they want to go to a (whatever company) party and they respond “Eh, I don’t really like the parties and I just don’t have time for that but I would like to look at the catalog and order something”.

Often times I make a new friend on Facebook or Twitter or connect with an old friend who is in a business that has a product I like. I often think “I’d like to order from them or have a party but they don’t live close by” and then forget what business they are doing. SO What IF… they had a social media home party???

Here’s how it works. Decide on a date, and decide on a closing date. Create 3 different invitation types. One is a regular invite you can hand to friends whose social media info you don’t have. Friends who don’t have facebook or twitter or whose e-mail you don’t have. Then create an evite for friends and family whose e-mail you have but they may not be on any social media. Then create a Facebook event and invite as many friends as you like to your social media party.

You HAVE to set a deadline because if you don’t then there will be no urgency with the orders.

On the invite, explain that you are with XYZ business and you are doing a party but they don’t come to a place, they just look at your catalog online. Mark the date and time but let them know they can call you or email you to place the order before the party.

ASK them all WHO WOULD LIKE to be put in the drawing to be the hostess. Then have a drawing to see who will get the hostess specials and benefits (Explain what that is on each invite) not everyone wants to order more than a $50 item so it would be a waste to draw their name in a drawing if they have no interest in purchasing more.

Make it fun, get your flip out and do a party demo at home then post it on youtube or post photos and show case your items just like you would set them up at a party. Even better, you could record your 15 minute presentation with permission from the group, and put that on youtube. That’s how ladies always get the ideas for how they can use your products (ie, show them how the wick cutter works or how the kitchen gadget chops) They don’t want a generic vid, they want to see YOU!

When it comes time to have the party, have a video or pictures of your kids or your spouse or even a good girlfriend helping you with the drawing for the hostess specials, then immediately post it onto your social media who won.

Be sure that those outside your delivery area know that they will had to pay additional for shipping.

Once they see your demo or photos, they will get ideas for what they want to order. They will complete their orders and you will close your party at the close out date and time. Keep in mind that most of the orders will be credit card so you will have to work that out ahead of time to be sure you have everything set up. You can take checks from people who complete their orders in advance because there will be time for them to mail them or hand them to you.

We have a lot of friends on Facebook and Twitter and we know a lot of them have party businesses. We would love to support them and their party efforts. If we got an invite from an old friend, we would certainly take a look at the catalog and see if there were some items we desired to have. It wold be understood that shipping would be a bit but it worth it to support good friends.

We would love to see photos of your (social media) home parties!!

If you missed our Radio show where we go into more detail you can listen here!

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