Monday, April 18, 2011

Bridal Expo

I embarked on helping others make changes in their lives but what I have learned is far greater than I ever expected.  Even today, eight days later after the Matrix League Bridal Expo I am still learning on how to improve the next one, I'm still receiving editorial support and I'm still receiving feedback. What I learned is that so many people are not in the right mind set, whether it's spiritual or just business minded.  Someone once told me that a true entrepreneur does more than one thing. What I later discovered is that one of those things has to be to give. 

We have to have a connection with something greater than ourselves, that something that will help us get through the obstacles in our businesses.  We have to be able to end the fear of failure to be able to accept our future.  We have to be able to stop saying no to fate when someone is knocking at your door telling you that they want to help you grow.  You have to be willing to listen to that inner voice telling you it's okay to take that first step to the beginning of a new you.

I was thinking about Social Networking today and the impact that Facebook has had on my life.  Social Networking not only has opened new doors for me, but the story of the company truly hit  home.  When so many businesses out there are struggling and I'm trying to help them come back on top, why do so many people say so many hateful things?

It is so true what they say, that with success you make many enemies.  It's unfortunate that some of those enemies are the ones closes to us that don't understand what we do and fear there own success.  Yes we may sound like a fortunate cookie sometimes but if I am able to inspire just one person the same way I have been inspired then I have accomplished one random act of kindness. 

Dream Big and Never Say No!