Thursday, December 1, 2011

Extreme Coupons!!!

Don’t throw those coupons out.  Did you know that the average household spends a min of $866 a month in groceries for a family of 6? Imagine what you can buy with $866 if you use coupons.  Even if your saving only 50 cent on those items you love, imagine using 20 of them in one transaction for 10 items, you’ve now saved $5.00.  Don’t forget to take advantage of store club cards that offer built in store and manufacture coupons, which allow you to still use paper coupons.   Don’t throw your money away. You can also receive coupons to your favorite foods by writing the manufacture directly. Shop and Save in 2012!

Getting started takes a little bit of effort and lots of organization.  Pool your friends and family together to collect coupons. If stores are not shy about charging you full price why not use coupons to reduce your cost. The key is to purchase when things are on sale, become a loyalty card holder and cut coupons.

Why use coupons
Stores submit coupons to the manufacture for a rebate on your savings.  So if you submit over $300 in coupons at checkout  the store receives a rebate for that amount. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

How to get started
Look for an online discount code for your Sunday paper to be delivered to your home.  You can save up to 90% on in store cost.  In Chicago you can received the Chicago Tribune up to 26 weeks on Sunday for only $13.00.  Without a coupon that would cost you about $51.47. Start telling family and friends to save you their Sunday coupons as well.  Buy yourself a coupon organizer and organizer your coupons and get ready to shop. 

How to use your coupons
When you’re at the checkout have your loyalty card applied before you hand over paper coupons. Watch the screen closely and make sure you see your loyalty prices being applied.  Paper coupons should always go last. Also check your final receipt before leaving the store.

In the summer of 2011, I discovered the wonders of couponing.  I’ve managed to reduce my personal monthly grocery bill by 70%.  If HR can do you so can you.