Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Budgeting in 2012

Where has the time gone? 2012 is around the corner and now is the time to start getting organized.  Let’s get you started. 
Sit down and do a household budget and see where you can cut back on cost.  Maybe eating out too much?

Did you know, that the number one cost outside of the home in 2011 was GAS.  Read your car manual and see if your car can handle the lower premium gasoline.  Several cars in the last ten years have been manufactured to take 87/89 unleaded.  If your manual says yes, then why not? Making the switch can lower your gas bill by up to 30 cents a gallon.  Purchasing gas at Costco, Sams or Grocery stores, with rewards, can also save you up to 30 cents a gallon.

Check your local movie theater for concession stand coupons. Most discounts and printable coupons require you to sign up for a newsletter.  I highly recommend that you obtain another email account only for coupons and discounts, you’ll quickly see your inbox fill up with weekly specials and savings.

Restaurants know that if your coming in with a coupon you are a loyal patron.  Don’t be shy when using coupons.  If you have a Girl Scout or Eagle Scout in the family, also have them take their uniform with them, you would be amazed on the freebies the whole family can receive. Such as free popcorn!