Sunday, October 28, 2012

My Most Precious Angel

A grandmother's love is unique.  It comes unconditionally from even before your born.  It comes from a woman that has prepared herself to be the most seasoned example to any child born, to teach them unconditional love, to show forgiveness, to teach history and most importantly to show you how you are the most valuable possession in the world.

A grandmother takes you by the hand and shows you how to make taquitos at 5am in the morning, walk with you as you talk about nonsense, give you money from her hidden bra purse to buy a pop and chips, a women who tells you of all your parents faults and assures you that you are loved.  A women who whispers in your ear and tells you that your parents aren't perfect but that they are the most priceless possession you will ever have. 

A being so special that God has seasoned to perfection to teach you the most valuable concept of the seize the day and keep moving forward no matter how much you get stepped on, because in the end the trustworthy, the champions and the faithful will come out on top.

Grandma I know your with us in our hearts, in our minds and soul, now and forever.  I know you are watching over us now. Thank you for being our guardian angel.