Monday, February 25, 2013

Making the choice

I now am two months free of no coffee.  I feel much healthier just having eliminated caffeine. I want to set a healthier example but lets face it after three kids, a husband and a dog oh yeah and work oh and everything else, finding time to focus on me is

I decided to start detoxing in Jan with fresh juice and now eating things like seafood, no meat and lots of grains, I feel better.  I have to make better choices when I go out to eat. For one, unless im cooking with wine I dont drink. My husband detoxed and now doesn't drink either.

Juicing has really helped me refocus and prioritize my daily life. My girls stop drinking sugary drinks almost six years ago. The secret is cooking from home everyday as often as you can. They now to ask for water first. Its become part of our daily lives. Read up on tap thing for you is to drink filtered water.

On cheat days like on this day we ended up at Elly's...we discovered they had a fresh juice bar. I also found a vegetarian eggs benedict with artichokes spinach and mushrooms.  It was good.

What I have also discovered is that everything is in moderation. I found it easier to implement one change at a time.

So now I feel more disciplined and feel ready for step 2 which involves physical activity. 

Im going to start posting pictures soon. I hope I inspire you to start changing your way of eating.